What The Experts Say Will Add Value To Your Home

Whether you have just bought your first home, are settled or are some of the many people that are looking to sell, then being able to breathe some new life into your property and add some value to your home, no matter when you’re thinking of selling, can be such a good idea. You can have extra space to live in, as well as make sure that you get more for your money when it comes to selling, whenever that might be. But before you call up for quotes or plan to bring in the builders, it is a good idea to check with a local estate agent to see what the best ways to add value are in your area. Every home has a ceiling price, so you need to make sure that the cost of changes or renovations won’t impact the profit that could be possible where you live.

Here are a few general ideas, though, that depending on the market, have all shown to add value to properties. So if you want to extend, expand, or just get a good price when you sell, here are some of the things that you could try.

Move Upstairs

To add value to a property, then have you thought about a loft conversion? It is a pretty safe investment, as people are always looking to have extra bedrooms, or spaces that can be used for things like an office. They can be carried out relatively easily too. When you have added in an extra bedroom then you can be pretty sure that it will have taken your home up into the next price bracket (even better if you can squeeze in a bathroom up there too).

Move To The Side

Adding an extension to the side or the back of your home, through something like a conservatory, then it is a pretty easy way to increase the value of the home. The reason being is that it adds floor space and creates an extra room, so it is an easy win. The thing is, though, you should speak to a local estate agent, to check that the cost is going to be worth it. Like a loft conversion, you can add value of around 15%, but you need to outweigh predicted costs of the home, against what the expected sale price could be. Kitchens that are extended are something that can seal the deal for potential buyers, so think about the best way to extend, if the time comes.

Improve the Garden or Outside Space

Having an attractive and well designed garden can be something that can add a great deal of value to a property, believe it or not. It also helps to make the home sell more easily, as it can add to its curb appeal. If someone is deciding between two very similar properties, the garden or outside space is what it can often come down to. These days, outdoor spaces have become like any other room in the home in their own right. They can be places that are like an extension for somewhere to cook, relax, read, and dine. So improving the look of what you already have can be a good idea. It could help to create ‘zones’ outside such as a patio for cooking, wood decking for dining, and grass area for relaxing and play. When you mix up the use of the space, as well as use different materials for these areas, then it can add interest and texture, making it a good looking place to be.


For a lot of people, the kitchen is classed as the heart of the home. So as a result, having a kitchen that looks good, as well as functions well, is a key part of making sure you get the asking price for your home. Your existing kitchens can quite easily be given an update for very little cost, from replacing the flooring or painting the cupboard doors. The kitchen also needs to work as a multifunctional space, where cooking can happen, homework can happen, as well as hosting and dining. So if there is space to add in tall chairs for a breakfast bar, for example, then make the most of it. If a potential buyer sees that it is more than just a plain old kitchen, then it can have a lot of appeal.

At the end of the day, interior styling or ‘home staging’ as it can be called, can be quite a necessity, especially when you are selling. When buyers can see themselves in the home, they are much more likely to put in an offer.


**This is a collaborative post**


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