What To Put On Your Christmas List When You Have No Idea What You Want

Christmas is coming, and it’s coming fast! So, how about writing out your list for what you want this year? And if you don’t know what to put on it, we’ve got a few suggestions to think about below. Feel free to read on for the inspiration. 

Something New and Fun to Do


If you’re someone who’s been feeling a little bored recently, and you’d love to have something new to do to really sink your teeth into, think about this for your Christmas list. If you have friends and family members pestering you for ideas about what you want, tell them you’re looking for a new hobby to get on with. Tell them you want something fun to get started with! 


Or you could do a bit of research yourself ahead of time. If you’ve always wanted to play the violin but never had a chance to learn before now, why not ask them to get you a songbook for beginners, or for some money to put towards the instrument itself? That’ll keep you occupied for a good while! 


Something for the Kitchen


If you’re more of a practical person, but you’ve got a strict budget and you’ve already pushed it as far as it will go for this month, why not ask your loved ones to get you items for the kitchen? If you need a new set of knives, ask for the shiniest set the other person can get their hands on. If you’re looking for a new blender, ask for one that helps to cook up soups too! Really push the boat out with your suggestions here, because it’s Christmas! 


And you can quickly go through this must-have kitchen equipment list if you’re not too sure what might be of use to you whilst you go about cooking some delicious meals. You deserve some fancy new equipment, so write down anything that even slightly takes your fancy. 


Something to Get You Out and About


Of course, in the modern day and age we tend to sit down and lead a sedentary lifestyle. We have desks and computers to keep us occupied, or we have our smartphones that we rarely look away from. Either way, we could do with something that’ll get us out and about a bit more, and that’s what you should ask for for Christmas. 


Maybe you could get day trip tickets, out to a local castle or heritage centre. Maybe you could ask for hiking essentials, or a new backpack, and finally have the incentive to go out and use these things. You might even be able to make it a new year’s resolution, if you learn how much you truly like hitting the park on a regular basis, and taking your dog with you for a wholesome day out! 


Your Christmas list could have all kinds of suggestions on it. Be sure to mix and match if you’re not sure what you want. There’s no harm in it!  


*This is a collaborative post*

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