What You Need To Know Before Buying A Pushchair

 If you’re planning on going out and about with your new addition and showing them the big wide world, you’re going to need a pushchair. But with so many different brands and models available, how do you know what to choose? It’s a big decision, and probably one of the most significant financial outlays you’ll make in preparation for your baby. Which means it can be daunting, to say the least.

While much of the decision on which buggy to buy is down to personal taste, and of course budget, there are a few essential things to consider which can help when it comes to making that all-important purchase. 

1. You Don’t Need To Go Crazy with Money

If you’ve already done any research into prams, you’ll know that it’s possible to spend a lot of money on a pram (and we mean, a lot). But if you’re thinking bigger price tags means a better pram, don’t be fooled, that’s not always the case. The point of a pushchair is to help you get your baby from A to B comfortably, and safely. And both of those objectives can be achieved without spending a fortune. 

If you put it into perspective, your child is going to be in their wheels for two to three years maximum. Spending hundreds, even thousands on just this one item is money that could be better spent. Many parents talk about buyer regret when it comes to buying pushchairs as people realize they went completely over the top. If you want to spend lots of money on your baby’s pram then, of course, that’s fine; but don’t be tricked into thinking it’s necessary. 

2. Make Sure It Has What You Want.

There are many different factors to consider when choosing a pushchair (more than we can list here); some which will be relevant to you and others which will not. However, the following are some which most people agree are useful in a pram/pushchair: 

Can it carry shopping? 

Nipping to the shops with a baby means carrying shopping home. You do not want to hang shopping on the handles as adding weight to the pram in places it’s not designed to go, can lead to damage to the structure. So look for pushchairs with ample storage underneath. Not just for your shopping but for all your nappies, wipes, bottles, bibs, toys and everything else you need to leave the house with then baby is in tow. 

Can it be used as a car seat?

This is not a necessity, and it is only possible for group 0 and 0+ seats, but it certainly makes life simpler if you have a travel system which is compatible with your car seat. It can also make economic sense to take this option as well. Remember, however, that your newborn should not be in a car seat for more than 90 minutes at a time, so ideally look for a travel system that also incorporates a separate seat for those longer trips out too. 

Can you reverse the seat?

If you opt for a pushchair or a travel system, you will almost certainly want to be able to look at your baby while walking; most parents want to have their baby facing them for at least the first few months. But as baby gets older, they may want to be facing out so they can see the world. Many pushchairs give you the option of reversing the seat, which is great as it saves you buying a separate buggy when baby gets older. 

Does it fit your lifestyle?

Do you live in the countryside where being able to go off-road with your pushchair is important? Or if you live in the city, is it easy to fold up if you’re traveling by bus or underground at busy times of the day? If you plan to get some daily exercise with your baby, look for a pushchair that’s suitable for jogging while you take the baby out for some fresh air. 

Can you add on more seating?

Are you planning on having more children? If you are, and you’re not planning on waiting too long, you’ll want to have the option of adding on another seat. Of course, if you already have an older child, then you may want to buy a double-seater. There are many different designs and configurations which work for different sized homes (you’ll need to consider the width of your doorways) and needs.

4. What Extras You Would Like

Pushchairs these days come with more optional extras than top of the range sports cars! Of course, you won’t want or need all of them, but it might be worth considering splashing out on the odd one or two if they make you life that little bit easier or more pleasurable. Because when you’ve been up in the night with the little one, it might just be that having a cup holder that fits your very own travel-safe coffee cup makes all the difference to your day. A changing bag that matches and fits onto your pram handle is a nice addition, and a sunshade, rain cover and footmuff that are designed for your specific model of pushchair are a definite yes. 

5. Take Your Time and Shop Around

You need to be happy with your choice. This is a big purchase, and you’ll be spending a fair bit of time pushing these wheels over the next couple of years. Don’t be pressured by sales assistants. If you’re not sure you have found the pushchair you want, don’t buy it; there’s always tomorrow to have another look. Don’t spend more than you’re able to afford, but at the same time, be sure you’ve got the very best deal you can for your money.

There’s a lot to think about when buying a new pushchair for your child, and it’s a decision that needs the right amount of thought before making a decision. But enjoy the process; it’s the start of many exciting adventures. Happy shopping!

**This is a collaborative post**

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