What’s Throwing A Spanner In Your Health Conquest?’

If you started your own health conquest, there could have been a number of things that made you make the decision. Your health is something you should hold high on the list of priorities, but it often isn’t. As a collective, the world is not a healthy place. There’s so much processed food, pollution, drugs, alcohol, nicotine…the list could go on. The world is now more geared up to support those that don’t want to live a healthy lifestyle than ever before. But it’s masked by all of the health promotions that are going on. There are more movements towards encouraging people to live a healthy lifestyle, but it doesn’t take away the fact that the world is such an unhealthy place. For example, there are now more obese children than there have ever been before, particularly in America. So, if you’re desperate to feel some level of health, but feel like you’re not making any progress, there could be a few things stopping you. All you have to do is keep on reading, and we’ll show you what might be throwing a spanner in the works.


Bad Habits


Bad habits are something we all pick up. We usually pick them up when we’re in highschool and they carry on throughout our lives. Or, they’ll be a short term highschool habit that soon dies out. Or, it’ll be something you pick up from work. So you see, you can pick up a bad habit at any point in your life, it just depends what type of a person that you are. Bad habits can lead to addiction, such as with smoking. Luckily, there are now so many alternatives; such as tablets, patches, and the more favoured e-cig. It’s worth looking at buyv2cigs for the best e-liquids if you’re trying to quit smoking. Although some see it as only moving to a new form of smoking, it’s cutting out so many of the harmful chemicals found in smoking.

Lazy Ways 


Lazy ways can be your own worst enemy. It’s all well and good cutting out bad habits like smoking and drinking, or eating bad, but if you’re still being lazy and are not really active other than getting up to go to work, then you’re not going to feel truly on top of the world. To feel that feeling of health, you have to add in some form of exercise, otherwise you’re not having that physical activity to stimulate your body. For example, going to the gym is known to boost endorphins, which make you feel totally amazing.

Insufficient Downtime 

Learning to make the most of your downtime may sound like you’re being lazy to an outsider, but we all need to remember the importance of rest and recovery when we go at it hard in the gym. Taking the opportunities to recover with activities that help you is vital to your wellbeing. Think about something as simple as a bedtime routine, where you can protect your privacy and use the moments before sleep to wind down with a book and time to absorb yourself in something else. Reading is obviously a very good thing for our intelligence too! Find a link to a good set of reading glasses, and learn how to unwind. It will be the best resource to recover mentally, so you can develop the internal strength to focus on your health journey. 



Bad Substitutes 


When you’re trying to be healthy, you have to look at all of the things you can substitute to make that happen. Food is the easiest thing to do it with. We substitute fast food meals for microwavable meals that promote their healthy contents. But it’s still food that has been preserved, and will no doubt contain more rubbish than organically cooked food does. Try and stay away from anything that’s in a packet and keep your meals fresh and clean.


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