Why does my toddler lie?

The boy is somewhere around 3 years and 3 months old and it seems we’ve reached another of those annoying but apparently necessary toddler stages this week.

Fibs.  Porky pies.  Silly lies, all the time.

It’s quite comical to an extent, so far this week the boy has told his nan(my mum) that I wear red knickers to bed and the dentist(my boss) that Batman took his ouchy tooth out last week.

But it’s getting ridiculous – we can’t believe a word he says as he lies all the time.

His preschool teacher spoke to me the other day saying that he’s been upset and saying that one of the boys has been hitting him when this isn’t the case at all.

I’ll ask him what he did at school today, he’ll tell me he went to Mars on a rocket or something similar.

But where do you draw the line between an active imagination and downright lies?

According to forums and websites I’ve read at this age children struggle to differentiate between the truth and fantasy; for example they may have gone to school and had a whale of a time playing with cars and singing songs about rockets, but they fantasise about taking a rocket to the moon therefore they tell you this as it’s more attractive than the truth.

Another way of looking at it is, they may have done something they now regret, for example ripping a book or breaking a toy, so they try to ignore the fact that it happened and tell the story differently.

They also forget things extremely quickly – except for swear words and embarrassing things you’d rather they forgot!

So what do we do?  Is my child going to end up with a Pinnocchio-esque nose?  The only thing to do as is the case for most of these phases is to ride it out and lead by example it seems.

I’ve been telling the boy that we don’t tell lies, and that we have to tell the truth, especially when talking about other people as it’s not nice.

I’m also bribing praising him lots when he does tell the truth, and hoping that this strange phase doesn’t last very long!

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