Will I ever decorate the living room?

**This is a collaborative post**

It’s been 84 years since we moved in(it feels like it) and we desperately need to decorate this house.  It’s a rented house so we moved into copious amounts of Magnolia everywhere and I’m, well, sick of it.

The kitchen is now grey and white after a weekend slog on my part; it’s not perfect but for my first go at decorating anything, I impressed myself.

But the living room is a whole new ballgame – it’s a lot bigger, it’s the room we use the most and that shows from the bumps and scrapes it’s gathered in the last five years(not quite 84 years, I was merely being dramatic).

Living room goals

The sofa is hiding a masterpiece the boy created with a rogue Biro a year ago(we’ve since installed a rule where we count the pens out and back in), the diving wall is like an abstract white background with swirls of black marks and god knows what.  There are brown marks, too.  I hope it’s chocolate…

But Winter is coming and that means we’ll be spending a lot of time indoors – I can’t keep looking at scuffed walls, it’s doing my head in and I desperately want a house I can show off a little bit.  It’ll never be a show home but I like it to look clean and tidy.

Which it will basically never be the whole time I live with two boys, a dog and a cat.  Pfffft.

So I’ve decided my next project is decorating and repairing the living room; it’s the main room and the one we spend the most time in – and I’ve made a list of things I need to do:

  • fill in the holes from where I decided a feature photo wall was a good idea.  Command Strips for the win.
  • replace the skirting boards, a foot-long stretch was destroyed in and unfortunate pushchair-wedged-in-the-door incident.
  • take the radiator off the wall, clean behind it and repaint it.
  • regloss the handrail and skirting boards.
  • paint the walls.  That’s the bit I’m dreading.

I’ve decided to go for white – but a satin gloss paint which means I can wipe any marks off and it should wear a bit better than matte paint.  I used satin gloss paint in the kitchen and it’s been amazing for keeping clean, especially when it’s held up well against tomato and grease splats from cooking.

Clean and minimal

I was contemplating painting a feature wall but I can’t decide on a colour – so I’m going for all white walls and keeping the pops of colour in the accessories.

I do love a rug; they can be a really quick and easy way to add a feature and splash of colour, even texture.  Sometimes patterned runners or elegant and cosy shaggy rugs can look really cool.

The difficult bit is the execution of actually doing it – we are an open plan house so it’s a huge job that involves painting from the back door right through the front room and then up the hall, stairs and landing.  I’m hoping to get it done in a couple of days, it shouldn’t take too long.

Lots to do – have you got any tips for decorating, especially the well-used areas?


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