From Slimming World to Weight Watchers: the first meeting

As posted previously I’d made the decision to abandon my beloved Slimming World(SW) and join Weight Watchers(WW), as I’m struggling and after years it’s just not for me.

The first meeting

I won’t lie I was nervous – I wandered in feeling rather sick and I was instantly struck by how friendly everyone was -I didn’t even have to ask anyone where to go, they welcomed me and told me to take a seat at the newbie table.

I hadn’t even picked up a pen and the coach introduced herself – she was so warm and friendly and put me at ease straight away.  Because I’d signed up online I filled in a few paragraphs about my reasons for losing weight(you don’t have to if you don’t want to) and then joined the queue to weigh in.

Everyone in the queue was chatty, and it was soon my turn – a quick scan of my barcode and I hopped on the scales – the coach explained what I would be allowed points wise and gave me a run through of what to expect at a meeting.  This was so beneficial for me, as my anxiety is a bitch with new situations, especially ones that involve the scales.

After weigh in I had a look at the shop which was full of Weight Watchers branded goodies such as water bottles, journals, biscuits, sweets and snacks.  I grabbed a water bottle, magazine and some cereal-type bars, which weren’t cheap but were no more expensive than SW(I hate comparing but it’s all I’ve known for a long time).

I took a seat – everyone that weighed stayed for the talk which I found really positive and motivating, and I found myself relaxing and chatting to the others and actually enjoying myself.  The talk itself took maybe 15 minutes – short and sweet yet motivational and really helpful.

And that was it – it took less than an hour and was a really enjoyable experience.  After the others had left the coach showed me and the other newbies a short video and sat with us and answered any questions we had.  She was passionate about the plan but not overbearing, and seemed to be really clued-up on nutrition.

Every coach has followed or is following the plan – so you feel like you are all in it together.

How much does it cost?

The website is so easy to use – there are a few sign-up options(you can do online only or online plus meetings) plus you can easily find a local group.

There are always offers online – I joined up for three months, with my first month being free and the cost being £21.45 per month after that.  I did wonder if maybe that was expensive – but the app looked awesome and it’s maybe a pound more expensive than a month of SW anyways.  I believe if you pay weekly it’s around £7 a week.

This offer also offered a free Chicken cookbook – no good for me(veggie innit) but I was able to swap for a Veggie one instead.  So far so good.

What do you get when you join?

If you register for online plus meetings the price you pay includes your meetings, online, the app plus a paper welcome pack, and you can sign up before you attend the meeting, as I did – you just show a barcode when you get there.  if you sign up for online only you’ll get website access including the online shop plus access to the app.

What is the app?

The app is a little bundle of awesomeness, that’s what it is – you can look up points, calculate points from packaging, log your daily food, look up features such as recipes and tips – and so much more.  There is even an online coach 24/7 there to chat to and ask questions if you get stuck.  The other feature I love is Connect – it’s a social media platform within the app that allows you to post photos and statuses and connect with other users.  I posted yesterday saying I was new and starting out and I was amazed with the amount of comments and help from others.

I’d pay £21.45 a month for the app alone, to be honest.

How does the plan work?

WW has always been about points and over the years it has updated and revamped it’s plans to suit the changing market and health advice.  In late 2017 it launched Weight Watchers Flex®(Freestyle in the US) which allows you a list of zero-count foods such as fruit, vegetables, lean meat(and some veggie alternatives) alongside your pointed foods.  You get a certain amount of points a day based on your weight and height, plus weekly points to use for special occasions or if you feel you need them.  Points are based on sugar, calories, saturated fat etc.

How have I found it so far?

I think planning is key with WW – it’s going to take me a while to get used to pointing everything and learning how the points work; I have cracked out my trusty notebook so I can write everything down and stay on track.

Crumpets, how I have missed thee

How does it compare to my former beloved SW?

It’s going to take me a while to get out of the SW way of thinking – don’t get me wrong, I loved and still do love SW but I can’t be trusted with free portions of pasta and potatoes and despite years of sticking with it it just isn’t for me.  It is very different – everything has a points value and it does seem daunting initially but I like the control of writing down and pointing everything and it does seem a little less complex than SW(sorry) – you just have to count points as opposed to healthy extras, syns and speed.

I love a list, me

`1Stay tuned to see how I get on – you can follow me on Instagram too… @thespondyslimmer


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